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What’s Included

Full Body Assessments
Before and After Photographs
Dietary guidelines / Meal plans / Nutritional advice
Group training sessions that have been uniquely designed by GETFIT for maximum effect. (2/3/unlimited sessions per week)
GETFIT mobile App – full functionality.



12 week

GETFIT Highly recommends the 12 week program to achieve best body transformation results.12 Weeks is scientifically proven as the optimal time frame for an individual to modify habits and behaviour, thereby entrenching new healthy habits and a fit lifestyle.3 Full Body Assessments are performed for a comprehensive analysis of transformation.



8 week

This program includes 8 weeks of group personal training, 2 full body assessments, photos and meal plans.It is a great program with an easy-commitment duration, while still producing great results.With support from our trainers , the 8 week challenge with have ylooking and feeling great.



6 week

This is our shortest program and consists of 2 Body assessments. Results can be achieved in this time frame by closely following the diet plan and attending as many training sessions as possible.This program is also ideal for those looking to kickstart their GETFIT journey.




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the challenge  is For All Fitness Levels

The GETFIT sessions include a combination of cardio and weight training exercises aimed at increasing fitness levels and improving muscle strength and tone. The sessions are run by highly qualified personal trainers who monitor correct form and encourage participants to ensure optimum results are achieved. The GETFIT training sessions are a great way to have fun, make friends and stay motivated

Full body assessments
It’s essential to do body fat and measurements to find out ones starting point and to set a goal for each client.  Body fat is the most accurate way to measure a person’s results when doing Resistance or HiiT training.  The scale will not give a true reflections of a person’s results as lean muscle weights a lot more than fat.  Transformation is not necessarily weight loss,  it is a change in body shape.
Meal plans

GETFIT offers 2 types of meal plans that targets both the type of clients that come to GETFIT.


Meal plans that offer a client a much tastier (less bland) approach to achieving more long term results, we have put together health recipes giving tastier low fat options.


This approach to diet is our GETFIT signature diet.  It appeals more to clients that set short term goals and want a drastic transformation.  We suggest this 7 day meal plan to clients that are looking for meal plans to stand a chance to win the GETFIT Challenge.  This meal plan is a lot more bland, it is extreme clean eating therefore results will be achieved in a much shorter time. 

Photos are taken at the start of your getfit journey with us and at the end
of 12weeks. These photos will allow you to compare your progress. Photo are
accessible to view via the app. If clients have dramatic transformations
over 12 or 8weeks these photos could be used for the yearly Getfit Challenge
awards night.
Training sessions
GetFIT Training is aimed at building fit physiques, low body fat%. GETFIT clients are trained to run, leap and move their bodies in supple ways,  training consists of strength, endurance and power to promote lean hybrid muscle.  Our training is resistance based metabolic circuits that will get you SHREDDED.  Functional, Strength, Cardiovascular that will give you a complete variation that touches up on all aspects of training.

GETFIT Trainers are all highly qualified and experienced professionals. Our team of trainers create a dynamic and energetic environment, making every training session fun and effective. GETFIT Trainers all hold personal training and first aid qualifications, and undergo rigorous training in group fitness techniques, injury prevention and management. They are also adaptable to various fitness types and needs. Apart from being technically skilled, they are also an extremely fun bunch of guys and gals!


To get going and stay going is a difficult task! The GETFIT team is on hand to provide you with motivation and guidance to achieve your fitness goals. Trainers provide verbal motivation during sessions to help you break your personal boundaries, and achieve more
than you imagined. Our digital team provides social media posts, emails and Mobile App notifications, keeping you on track and enthusiastic, and getting you to the finish line. GETFIT also has socials and external training sessions to keep it fresh, engaging and exciting. We are here to assist you all the way!

The challenge

Take a look at our short video on our live classes in action. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and one of our experienced trainers will get in touch with you.


I joined GETFIT at the beginning of 2018 with the intention to build up my body strength after several injuries. I had two shoulder surgeries in 2013 on my left side and a broken arm and wrist on my right side that same year. As well as major chest surgery in 2017 after incurring injuries from a hijacking attack. My upper body as a result was super weak. I found the weight training was excellent for strength building. Also for the first time in many years I started seeing some tone come back into my form. I had pretty much neglected my physique for 5 years due to complacency from being so badly injured. I had also struggled with binge eating my whole life and had accumulated a lot of abdominal fat. I found with building muscle it helped me burn fat quicker. I also felt my confidence booming as my body started reshaping. I found less desire to comfort eat and within a year I have lost and maintained 8 to 10kg weight loss. Also most women my age are menopausal, yet I feel am peaking in my holistic physical, emotional, spiritual and mental condition. Just really good life balance I guess! And NONE of my past injuries have any influence over my performance today. Thank you Natalie for your incredible encouragement and for GETFIT Durban North’s amazing energy and culture! I’m still here as a member 18 months later and loving the training and GETFIT community!

Aldine Dallas

My 1st exposure to the GETFIT Challenge was in 2009 when I was 43. At that stage it was run by Denver and Neil out of the Westville Virgin Active. During my first challenge I managed to lose 18kg and about 13% body fat. 10 years on and after a couple of joint ops, as a result of ware and tare from sports in my youth, I had sadly put on the kilograms that I had managed to keep off so well, while following the GETFIT eating plan and exercise programme. My excuses were that my joints hurt and I was getting older. In reality, without a proper exercise programme, it is easy to eat badly and become lazy and as a result your body weight increases and your joins take more strain than they should. In November 2018, with the encouragement of Sarah (my wife) we took up a GETFIT “Black Friday” special and signed up for the challenge starting at the end of January 2019. What was really good was that Sarah was going to do the challenge with me so I had no excuses. Although very similar in many ways to the challenges I did 10 years ago, Denver, Paul and their team have fine-tuned the exercise programme, as well as the eating plan. Sarah had never done any form of gym work, so she was quite apprehensive. With the guidance of Denver and Paul, she quickly learnt to find her way around the many different challenges that each session presented us with. Although tough, it was amazing the progress we both made within in the first 2 weeks. One of the things that I realised by doing the challenge with Sarah, was that GETFIT is not just about weight loss. Sarah had been concerned, that on the scale she was not losing weight, (not that she needed to) while my weight was dropping weekly. At the end of 12 weeks, however, the body assessment told the true story and although on the scale Sarah’s weight had increased by nearly 2kgs she had lost 8% body fat. I had managed to lose 15kg and 13% body fat. Many of the aches and pains that had prevented me from starting an earlier challenge had disappeared and both Sarah and I have noticed a marked increase in our general strength and energy levels. We have had a huge amount of fun doing GETFIT and have met super people that have made waking up early that much easier. The enthusiasm and attention to detail that Denver still has after more than 10 years running GETFIT is amazing. Thank you to Denver, Paul and your team, for helping us to achieve our goals. We have enjoyed the GETFIT way of life so much that we have continued on the VIP programme. I would encourage anyone wanting to transform their bodies and increase their energy levels, to give it a go.

Gary Bashford

My Get Fit journey started in 2013, I had been on a month long trip and had literally eaten my way through Europe. When I got back my weight was at an all-time high and it was a flyer that I received at a robot that persuaded me to give GETFIT a try. During the first challenge I lost 5kgs and I was hooked, I am now a VIP member and train all year long. The diet talks and eating plan gave me insight to the nutritional value of food, and I started making better food choices. The workouts are always different and challenging even after 7 years! I love the feeling of getting stronger and looking after my body. Denver and the trainers at GETFIT are phenomenally encouraging and work with you to achieve your goals. 7 years later, 17kgs lighter and I have maintained the weight loss for 3 years now! Join the Get Fit lifestyle, it’s the best thing you can do for your body!

Danolia Moodley



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