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I joined GETFIT at the beginning of 2018 with the intention to build up my body strength after several injuries. I had two shoulder surgeries in 2013 on my left side and a broken arm and wrist on my right side that same year. As well as major chest surgery in 2017 after incurring injuries from a hijacking attack. My upper body as a result was super weak. I found the weight training was excellent for strength building. Also for the first time in many years I started seeing some tone come back into my form. I had pretty much neglected my physique for 5 years due to complacency from being so badly injured. I had also struggled with binge eating my whole life and had accumulated a lot of abdominal fat. I found with building muscle it helped me burn fat quicker. I also felt my confidence booming as my body started reshaping. I found less desire to comfort eat and within a year I have lost and maintained 8 to 10kg weight loss. Also most women my age are menopausal, yet I feel am peaking in my holistic physical, emotional, spiritual and mental condition. Just really good life balance I guess! And NONE of my past injuries have any influence over my performance today. Thank you Natalie for your incredible encouragement and for GETFIT Durban North’s amazing energy and culture! I’m still here as a member 18 months later and loving the training and GETFIT community!

Aldine Dallas

49 Years Old


New Year.New You

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