Getfit Live


GETFIT LIVE is a Live Streaming Online Platform that allows our trainers to take you on the GETFIT journey by carrying out fitness sessions that you can follow in the convenience of your home.


Our trainers will be conducting a variety of fitness sessions like HIIT, strength and circuit training programs by live streaming on our unique and private GETFIT LIVE Facebook page. All you need to do is register with our admin manager, make payment, join the GETFIT Facebook group and you are ready to go!

Join the class of your choice and follow our master trainer, Denver Subramany (BA Sports Science, Exercise Science (UKZN)) who will present and demo various exercises that you can do at home. The exercises are designed and sequenced to provide you with the best program to get you, and keep you in shape.

Your membership is for the entire family to use. You could all train together or choose the workout that you enjoy the most. Mix it up and have fun!

To register contact: [email protected] or 063 3105775


Scroll down to view our timetable, which is also available on our Facebook Page with the various classes and their times. Choose the ones that suit you, change into your training gear, set up your training station at home in a safe area a few minutes before, and join the class.


1. GETFIT Circuit: A unique program combining weight, cardio and core exercises that is fun and exciting. Circuit design is changed frequently to keep you motivated and challenged.

2. GETFIT HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): A full body workout using groups of high intensity exercises, followed by short breaks. This type of anaerobic training is scientifically proven to improve fitness levels very quickly.

3. GETFIT Strength: Specialised strength training programs designed to isolate muscle groups in order to firm, tone and sculpt muscles.


  • Weight: Either a set of dumbbells, a kettle bell or a weight plate. Use all for better variety
  • A safe space where a device can be placed and easily viewed
  • A comfortable training mat
  • Water bottle
  • Towel