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I joined GETFIT in May 2017 weighing 76kgs.I didn’t feel comfortable with the way I looked and my
size 12 clothes were barely fitting anymore. 12 weeks later I lost 11kgs.My goal was to not only lose
weight, but to improve my overall health. I needed support to achieve that dream.
Being part of GETFIT not only helped me to lose weight, but to feel great and happy with the way I
look. What makes GETFIT different is the bond you develop with the class and trainer. You get to
train at your own pace and level, but you are still able to push yourself to your maximum.
I enjoy variety and that’s what GETFIT is all about. You cannot get bored as each class is different,
while giving you a full body workout. Exercise is important but what we eat determines what we
become. The GETFIT recommended diet doesn’t force you to measure your food.
I love food, and during the challenge I never weighed any of my meals. I found the amount of food to
be too much at times. It’s been 2 years and I’m still enjoying GETFIT!

Sunette Jordaan

My experience with the Getfit team started in May 2017. On my first day I felt so out of place and thought to myself that, “I don’t belong here because everyone looked so fit”.

When the session started, a fellow lady in the class kept motivating me to push on. I did so and I completed the session. I felt that everyone was so friendly and motivating towards me.

The next day I was in such pain, good pain though. Every class was different and we worked every muscle possible. I was always stiff ,so I knew I was doing something right! Then came the 6 week assessment. I knew I did my best by sticking to the eating plan, so I was ready for whatever the result might be. I lost 10kg in 6 weeks. I was so excited and motivated that I couldn’t wait for my next class.

My trainers were so impressed and just kept on motivating me. I stuck to my eating plan and didn’t miss any classes. By the end of 12 weeks I’d I lost 20kg. After my second consecutive 12 week challenge I’ve lost a total of 30kg’s.



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